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An affordable and reliable home security system to protect your family and the things you love. Rest assured that an alarm will be sent immediately and help can be summoned in the event of an emergency.  Enjoy savings up to 20% on your home insurance.



Burglar Detection

Door and window sensors are usually placed at any door or window that is easily accessible from the ground level. Glass break detectors provide shatter and shock protection for your windows to further enhance your perimeter protection.  Shock sensors are used to detect vibrations made by an intruder attempting to break doors or windows as a point of entry into your home.  Wireless indoor/outdoor motion sensors will alert you when activity is sensed in your home or in a protected outdoor area like gates or sheds, while letting pets move freely about your home. They also detect when attempts are made to move outdoor valuables like snowmobiles, boats and lawnmowers.

Fire Detection

Ensures early detection and a quick response which are the keys to saving both property and lives.

Professionally installed wireless smoke and heat detectors that are connected to your alarm system and can be monitored 24 hours a day.  At the first sign of smoke and rising temperatures, a signal will immediately be sent to our Central Monitoring Station, and help will be on the way in minutes.




Carbon Monoxide Detection

Ensures early detection and a quick response which are the keys to protecting you from this odorless, colorless and tasteless danger.

Professionally installed wireless carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to your alarm system and can be monitored 24 hours a day. At the first sign of a CO leak, you will be immediately alerted of the danger and a signal will be sent to our Central Monitoring Station.

High Water & Flood Detection

Identifies any water level changes in your home – whether you are home or away – and keeps you notified if high levels are detected so the problem can be stopped before the damage becomes devastating.

Professionally installed water/flood sensors help detect spoilage, damage from flooding and leaks. When connected to your alarm system, they can be monitored 24/7. They are ideal for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, freezers and laundry rooms.



High & Low Temperature Detection

Identify any temperature changes in your home whether you are home or away, and keep you notified if extreme temperatures are detected, so the problem can be stopped before the damage becomes devastating.

High & Low Temperature Sensors help prevent damage from extreme temperatures, such as frozen or burst pipes due to freeze.  They are ideal for basements and kitchens.

Video Surveillance

Provide greater level of security by being able to view live streaming video and record clips and images of important events when they occur.

Indoor/outdoor cameras monitor vulnerable areas such as entrances, patios, pools, driveways and docks. Strategically placed video cameras will be able to capture video clips and images, triggered by events. Wireless cameras make it easy to move the cameras around your home. DVR video and image storage ensures video and image captures are securely stored. These feeds can be accessed remotely from a web-based device.



Medical Alarm

Personal Emergency Response System(PERS) provides access to help at the push of a button, allowing you or your loved ones to enjoy freedom and independence without compromising safety and security.


24/7 Alarm Monitoring

ULC listed and award winning monitoring ensures fast and reliable response to emergencies.

By connecting the sensors to a monitored security system, emergency response can begin as soon as these devices detect imminent threat. All detectors are monitored 24/7, providing a reliable emergency response whether you are home or away. You will also have the option to receive email and text notification for alerts.


By connecting to our Remote Services or Home Automation,  you can control your Well-Protected Home anytime, from anywhere and any device.

Videos & Demos

Would you like to protect the people and things you love, and stay in touch with your busy family wherever you are?

Watch this video to find out how you can have the control at your finger tips.

What our customers say about us

Myself and Scott, just wanted to drop a line and say how thankful we are to have chosen Falcon Security.  Laura Good should be commended for her knowledge, and expertise, her professionalism in helping us decide in what we needed and what we should have included in our home security system.

Does the system work?  YES!

I had an experience a few weeks back with an alert going off,  I knew the problem and wanted to turn the alert off, by mistake I had pushed the trouble button, within seconds my phone was ringing, it was Falcon Security checking to see if we were okay.  Embarrassed and very apologetic I had explained what I had done, the person on the other end was asking me to stop apologizing and  made me realize that the systems in place are doing their jobs.

We are  truly grateful and relieved to know that Falcon Security is only a push of a button away,   thanks for making us feel extra safe in our home.


Deb Foubert, Brockville

I have recently changed my home security system to Alarm Systems. Damian Hugh, Security Consultant visited my home to assess my needs, as I already had a home security system that did not work well. Doug Brook, Security Technician, then came, assessed the problems with my old system and proceeded to repair and replaced parts and worked diligently to hook me up to a much better system, made many visits and do so with unlimited patience, while teaching me how to use it now!

I was treated with respect and amazement at their very fair pricing and monthly cost. Many returns to my home were necessary and I was very pleased with the low costs I was charged.

I would recommend Alarm Systems to anyone needing a first system or an upgraded system. My old system was 17 years old and pretty well worn out! I shouldn’t have waited so long.

Thank you, Alarm Systems, Damian, Doug and Jim who works with Doug.

Baverley Vanner, Belleville

I just wanna thank Falcon Security for the exceptional service I have received from them…. We had a disaster in our house in April with our basement flooding with water due to sump pump failure – after the disaster is when we decided to get the alarm on it.

Well once everything was completed I got a call from Falcon at 12 AM  to tell me the sump pump has failed again… thank God I had it monitored.

Now onto customer service… customer service there is TOP NOTCH… every person there explains everything…

Chris Plume, Brockville


Making the decision to use Falcon Security to protect our home was an easy one.  They came highly recommended and their service was impeccable.  We currently have all the bells and whistles fire, break and enter, and temperature monitoring.  Unfortunately, we have already received a call from them as my baking went astray and I set off the alarm.  It’s good news that is all it was, but I was impressed with the immediate response and the helpful service!  The fire department was called and then enjoyed the cookies (the 1st batch!).  There is no better choice for a security company.  Thank you for the peace of mind Falcon Security!!!

Corinna Smith-Gatcke, Brockville

In this fast paced world, often there is little time for praise and appreciation for a job well done. I want to take the time to acknowledge a situation that deserves recognition and thanks.

Recently we made a decision to explore alternative options looking for a local dependable company in Brockville for our home security system that might replace the company we have supported for years. Basically our old supplier recently moved it’s monitoring and billing to Kingston resulting in a few lost jobs. It would have been easy to pay our bill and continue forward, but I really believe if we can maintain local workers in our community, that is where I want to spend my money.

On my first phone call to Falcon I had the privilege to speak with Laura Good. Truly a professional with every detail she presented me with.  Next Laura came onsite for an overview meeting. Laura then returned the day the technicians were to perform the switchover magic. My personal thanks go out to Laura as she handled every detail in a timely manner and answered all our questions. (Laura represents your firm well.) Both your technicians Cory and Bill were courteous and certainly very experienced and knowledgeable. You have a great team and should be proud of them.

Again our thanks for a job well done and in the future should you require a reference in our area please feel free to use our name or have your customer contact us with any questions they might have. We feel secure and are so very pleased.

With Thanks & Appreciation,

Brian & Phyllis Nolan, Brockville

Hi Wally,

It has been 15 years since we installed our first home security system with Alarm Systems so an update has been overdue. On Friday past we had the system updated and upgraded, and I wanted to make a point of sharing just how positive the experience was. The customer service was first-rate and your technician could not have been friendlier, more helpful or done a better job. We rarely get to hear about people doing good work and representing their company well. Your team did Alarm Systems proud.


Doug Harper, Belleville

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