Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems

Improve Emergency Response to Your Home or Business

A smoke detector may save your life, but it may not save your home, business or belongings. The most important function of a smoke detector is to notify occupants so that everyone can be evacuated safely. But what happens when no one is home?

Without monitoring

Just having a functional smoke detector may not always be enough. When you are not home, a fire could burn long enough to destroy belongings and damage your home beyond repair before emergency services are notified and dispatched. That is, unless your smoke detectors are monitored by a professional 24/7 monitoring station.

With monitoring

We are always there, no matter where you are or what you are doing – we are always protecting your home or business. If your alarm is triggered our Central Station immediately puts their communication plan into action.

Recently our Alarm Systems Monitoring Station received alarms from a local business. The fire alarm was received at 07:50:47 and the local fire department was dispatched at 07:51:05. In less than 20 seconds emergency services were responding to the incident. The building was evacuated and the small fire was contained and put out. Workers returned to the building by 8:30am.

Along with swift response times and constant alarm monitoring, a professionally monitored fire alarm system also reports on its condition. Our Monitoring Station will know and you will be informed immediately in instances where your devices are not performing as expected or they are nearing the end of their life. 

Life Safety + Loss Prevention

When it comes down to it, a smoke detector’s primary function is to save lives. In addition to reducing loss in times of crisis, monitored life safety systems also establish a plan and knowledge of your specific needs in the event of an emergency. You may have comprehensive home owners insurance that ensures you are able to rebuild or replace losses after an emergency. Insurance aside, pets, sentimental belongings and prized possessions are more painful to lose and harder to replace.

Additionally, Carbon Monoxide alarms can be monitored. Without detection Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous and even deadly. When you are not home to receive the alarm,  the protection of your pets or anyone coming home to a dangerous environment is increased greatly if your system is professionally monitored.

Our ULC listed, Five Diamond Award winning Central Monitoring Station has you covered 24/7/365. Your alarms will be monitored regardless of who is home or not home.

Ensure the safety of your family, pets and belongings by having your life safety devices professionally monitored.


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