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Be proactive as flood risks continue.

Flood Outlook

Following a weekend filled with hopes of prolonged summer weather, the rain has returned. With rainfall today and risks of thunderstorms and continued rainfall early this week, the danger of flooding throughout the Quinte and Prince Edward County regions remains high.

Lake Ontario’s water levels have climbed to a record high, surpassing the previous 100 year high level by 17 cm. Lower Trent Conservation’s most recent flood warning for the shores of Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte have been extended to June 16, 2017.

Be Proactive
(Honeywell Lyric Water Leak & Freeze Detector,

Is your home in a high risk area? Sandbagging is not the only way to protect your property against flooding. There are also devices available that alert you in the case that water does enter your home, such as Honeywell’s Lyric Water Leak & Freeze Detector. Don’t put yourself through the stress of leaving for work and coming home to the unknown. Flood alerting devices can be professionally monitored, in addition to sending alerts to your smart phone when your home is in danger, ensuring that you can address the situation before significant and costly damages occur. Water leak detectors are designed for basements or ground level areas that could be flooded, but have additional use. Consider installing in laundry rooms, kids bathrooms, or other areas where overflowing or water related accidents can take place.

Flooding often causes significant and costly damage to your property, home and belongings. It is wise to look into your insurance coverage, as flooding is not always included in standard policies. Protect yourself from worry and surprise by taking the necessary precautions in regards to flooding.


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