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Our Story

This story starts with a family that came from the United Empire Loyalist times….



The Beginning

In 1803, a Loyalist in New Brunswick decided to try his luck in a place called Prince Edward County in Ontario. The farm started by this man is still owned and operated by the Reynolds family today. The reason I mention this fact is that, for 6 generations, the Reynolds family farmed in and around Prince Edward County before some of them decided to try something else.

The founder of Alarm Systems, the late Leland “Glynn” Reynolds (my father), was the oldest of 6 children raised on a farm in Cherry Valley. During his early teenage years, he was fortunate enough to be exposed to the electrical trade right in the farm house. His father and mother decided to have electrical wiring installed in the house and Glynn watched and asked the electricians questions while they worked. At one point Dad told me that this is when he decided to become an electrician himself. After high school he got himself into an apprenticeship and went to trade school in Toronto.


In the early 1960’s, Dad decided he wanted to start his own electrical company and, with a little help from some investors, “Andreynolds Electric” became a new player in the local market. Andreynolds Electric made its first home in a small building on Coleman Street where the business expanded to include plumbing and security systems. Dad had us working in this building during the summers when we were not going to school. I remember working there as early as 13 or 14 years of age and I did it every summer.


During the 1970’s, Andreynolds purchased our present location on Adam Street in Belleville in addition to acquiring Telephone

Answering Service (Quinte) Company Limited, now operating as T.A.S. Communications. The Adam Street location had been the home of a local Sheet Metal Fabrication company called Bill Bailey ~ Dad kept the name and business in operation.


Continuously evolving to meet with demands of our customers during the 1990’s, Alarm Systems and T.A.S. Communications became the core of the business and Andreynolds and Bill Bailey were shut down.

There was a time that I was the only Alarm Systems Technician out in the field installing and servicing alarms and Wally Hilts was the only salesman selling them. Much has changed in the Alarm System industry over the years that I have been working here and we always keep up with the times.

I like to think that our “Home Town” honesty with every customer we deal with is why we are still here and we are still the number one company in the Quinte area that people trust with their security and communications needs.


Today, Alarm Systems is owned and operated by our generation of the Reynolds family.  We became one of the largest privately owned security solutions providers in south eastern Ontario in 2007, when we acquired Falcon Security, an extremely reputable company in Brockville.

I love the work that I do with our company and enjoy every day at work. I would, however, have liked to have tried farming at one point.

Kevin Reynolds
Co-Owner/Security Technician

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