Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems

Thinking of Self Monitoring your Alarm System?

Why should you give this some more thought?   It sounds like a great idea when we talk about being able to do anything
with our Smartphone.  So why should you consider Professional Monitoring over Self-Monitoring?

Four simple reasons;

24/7 Total Monitoring

Immediate Emergency Assistance

Potential Insurance Savings

Easy Start Up


Security systems are installed to detect something and then alert someone that an alarm has been
detected. Contacts detect that something has opened, motions detect movement, glass breaks
detect a frequency of noise, etc. If the system detects an alarm but no one is notified, nothing
happens. For example, how may times have you heard a car alarm sound? What did you do?
Notification is sent to your smart phone only.   What happens if you are away?
If you are on vacation, you may have your data/text turned off and you will not receive the alert
when it happens.
You are travelling and are out of 911 calling territory, who do you call?

If you look up the local police contact number, and you call them, they may require your
registration number. Some municipalities have by-laws that state a security system must be
registered, before responding.   Should they respond, it may be noted that registered systems  take priority.
If it is a false alarm, you will be fined and could also be fined for not registering your system.

Slow smoldering fire:
Most  home owners install an ionization style (not the 5808W3A photo-electronic) smoke/heat detector, as they are less expensive, but also less effective.   As has been shown in controlled test environments , by the time  the smoke detector triggers the alarm, you, your family or pets may have already  started to succumb to the smoke. The buzzing of your cell phone may not be a priority at this time.  Ionization smoke alarms are generally more responsive to flaming fires.

Carbon monoxide:
The silent killer, by the time you notice the buzzing of your cell phone, you, your family, or pets have potentially already started to succumb to the carbon monoxide.

In all of the above scenarios, having Alarm Systems/Falcon Security professional monitoring ensures that we will act upon the signals as they are received. The outcome is very different.  The  alarm is  registered, police/fire/emergency responders are all contacted immediately and dispatched as necessary.  As a professional monitoring station, we can still send you alerts and notifications to your smartphone and will happily do so.
However, let us handle the dispatching of authorities and first responders – it’s what we have been trained to do.  Help is on the way before you may even be aware of the situation. They never panic, they are professionals and are trained to deal with any situation.


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