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Back to School Home Security and Safety Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  All over the country kids will soon be making their way back to school. Some will be overjoyed, some … not so much. Either way, as a parent there are some tips that you can implement to keep your kids safe and let you breathe a little easier. Here are the Top Back-to-School Home Security Tips provided to you by Alarm Systems.

  1. Plan Your Route: Whether you’re walking your child to the bus stop or to school, plan the most direct path with the least street crossings, and if available, intersections with crossing guards. Include your child in the planning process and instruct him or her to obey all traffic lights, signs, and crossing guards. If your child takes the school bus, ensure that they are familiar with the loading and unloading safety rules.  Also remind your kids to stay clear of vacant lots, fields, parked cars, and any other area where there aren’t many people around.
  2. Numbers to Remember: Ensuring your child knows his or her home phone number can be crucial in the event of an emergency. Supply your child with a their home phone number, home address, your work number, the number of another trusted adult, and how to call 911 for emergencies.
  3. After-School Safety: A great number of children come home from school to an empty house.  Make a checklist of safety information for them: Remind them never to let anyone into the house; to keep all doors locked; and to set the alarm system if you have one. Alarm System’s wireless home security system offers instant alert features that will send you an SMS text informing you when your child arrives at your home and lets you know if they’ve set the alarm from wherever you are.
Alarm Systems also offers systems with complete interactive control, so you can arm your alarm system if one of your kids forget to set it. For further safety, Alarm Systems can provide a “private alert” function that gives you notification anytime a specific sensor is tripped. For example: gun cases, alcohol, or medicine cabinets.
  4. Get Organized:  One of the best ways to ensure home security during the busy school year is by having a solid understanding of where each member of your family is on any given day. Make this simple by sitting down at the beginning of each month and drawing out a calendar of everyone’s after-school activities, work schedules and social engagements
  5. The Dangers of Curiosity: Kids are curious creatures, but it’s important to teach them when NOT to explore. For example: If your kids come home to find an open door, shattered window, or a torn screen, instruct your kids to walk away from the house to a neighbor or local business and contact you immediately. Most of us, kids or adults, would be drawn to figure out what happened if we see a broken window, but the last thing you want is for your child to surprise a burglar in the act of robbing your home.
  6. Stranger Danger:  It is important to remind your children to never talk to strangers or accept rides from them.  Should they encounter a situation that makes them uncomfortable, they should seek out a store clerk or Neighbourhood Watch location.

Your children are priceless, and so is your peace of mind. Alarm Systems is pleased to be able to provide you with these safety tips.   We wish all the parents and students the very best for this coming school year!



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