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Home Security Tips for a Safe and Happy Summer

Summer weather conditions simply encourage us to be outside more, and the lazy, hazy days tend to make us a little lackadaisical with our home security. Opening doors and windows to catch that summer breeze or slipping over to a neighbours, all the while leaving our home exposed and at risk for break-ins.  You can protect your possessions, family members and your home with some simple security precautions.  Here are a few summer tips;


Doors should be locked to intruders, no matter what the season. In summer, you may find yourself doing some back gardening or enjoying the pool.  Your front door and garage door can be locked remotely through home automation, without further worry.  Surveillance cameras add an extra level of protection by letting you see who is at your front door while you’re Bar-b-queing in the back.


Although you wouldn’t consider a window to be a typical entrance to a home, it is certainly an excellent opportunity for an intruder, while you are catching a cool breeze at bed time.   You should remember to close and lock all windows, especially before you leave your home.  This small effort will save your clean-up efforts after a burglary.


While doing yard work and other outdoor chores, you may find you are in and out of the garage throughout the day. If the door is left open/unlocked, intruders can easily make off with power tools or find an easy access into your home while you are out. Home automation can help with this situation; when you are just not sure if you left the doors open or unlocked. And this can be done from anywhere by using your Smartphone.

Fence/Gate Security

Ensuring gates have high-quality locks will provide you with an additional layer of protection. An intruder will be forced to open the gate before gaining access to the doors of your home.  Gates and doorways are also perfect locations for motion sensors with lights.  If an intruder does make it onto your property, the light will offer as a deterrent and even provides favourable conditions for your surveillance camera.  If you have a pool, it is highly recommended that a motion sensor and camera be utilized to alert you to any unauthorized entrance to the pool area.  It could even save a life!

Deck Security

Warm weather conditions can lull homeowners into a false sense of security because there is so much going on in the neighbourhood. Family members head to the backyard deck for quiet moments and family time.  The lawn furniture, gas grills and bicycles on backyard decks can attract thieves.  A Home Security System and visually displayed signs discourage thieves and reduces the risks for a home break in.


We hope these tips, when used, will allow you to enjoy all that summer has to offer! Have a safe and happy one.


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