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Please Respond To Our Letter Re: Your 2G Communicator

Some of our customers are currently using a 2G cellular communicator as the primary or secondary/backup mode of transmitting information, including alarms, to our Central Monitoring Station.

We have been advised that the 2G network will soon be eliminated.  When that happens, the 2G communicator upon which these customers’ security systems rely will stop working. This means their security system could be left with no means of transmitting vital information, including alarm signals.

We cannot accurately predict the date that current 2G communicators will cease to function; however, we do know that this change is imminent and we have already seen some customers affected.

Fortunately, we have solutions available.  They include updated cellular communication and other options depending on your system and your location.

So how do you know if your system is currently using a 2G cellular communicator? Unfortunately, there is probably no easy way for you to find out by yourself.

To ensure our customers who might be affected were informed of this upcoming change and given sufficient time to take action, Alarm Systems/Falcon Security recently sent letters out to all our customers who are currently using a 2G cellular communicator as the primary or secondary/backup mode. In the letter, we explained what the elimination of 2G means and potential solutions.

If you have received such a letter from us, please call Amy LaPalm, Security Administrator, 613 969 5100 ext. 2227 at your earliest convenience to discuss the options that are available to you.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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